Leveling up the fiber infrastructure discussion

The Objective

FiberLight began working with the team at Escalate in late 2020. At the time, FiberLight was strictly focusing its fiber networks in rural parts of the United States. What was needed was a marketing communications program that allowed them to take their years of success and up-level the work they have been doing for their customers so that existing (and future) customers were aware of the unlimited potential FiberLight’s network could bring them. At the time the organization’s awareness was centered within the core fiber trade magazines, and regional outlets where their service was available. It was time to expand!

The Strategy

Escalate and FiberLight came together and instantly started talking about the increasing demand for high-bandwidth connectivity for businesses and data centers alike. With organizations getting ready for the future following the COVID-19 pandemic, new, diverse network connections were going to be needed to meet the growing network traffic demands. Escalate and FiberLight began putting together high-level narratives around the fact that any digital transformation project needs to start with high-bandwidth fiber optic networks in order to provide seamless integration and interaction. We agreed to begin bringing FiberLight spokespeople to a higher tier of media that were focused on digital transformation projects and those examining the digital divide across our country.

The Results

The FiberLight program has reached new heights by continuing to grow its brand awareness across their key markets in the US and by appearing in the more well-known telecommunication’s trades such as RCR Wireless, Light Reading and Fierce Wireless. Escalate was responsible for up-leveling content by providing regular material for the FiberLight blog and newsroom. FiberLight representatives have been told regularly that their brand is “everywhere” by industry veterans. This played a small part in the organization’s recent deal with Morrison & Company which has agreed to acquire and help FiberLight expand on its vision of what fiber infrastructure looks like today and in the future.

FiberLight representatives have been told regularly that their brand is “everywhere” by industry veterans.