Unlike other agencies that rely on generic pitches and a waiting game, our approach at Escalate PR centers on delivering high-quality media coverage. We understand the importance of tailoring our pitches to individual reporters and industry influencers, addressing their specific coverage areas. What sets us apart from traditional agencies is our deep knowledge of what captures the interest of highly sought-after media outlets.

Securing prominent coverage in desired media outlets has become increasingly challenging due to shrinking newsrooms, the abundance of startups vying for attention, and the sheer volume of content organizations produce today. However, at Escalate PR, our experienced media veterans work closely with each client, providing insightful feedback and valuable counsel based on the current media landscape.

While some organizations may prioritize mere “clips,” we are dedicated to achieving impactful coverage. If you’re seeking a comprehensive strategy for media coverage and increased brand awareness, our team at Escalate is here to deliver key insights, counsel, and creativity. Reach out to us today to learn how our unique approach to media, influencer, and analyst relations can elevate your brand to new heights.