Working Moms: A New Era

posted on May 10, 2024
Working Moms: A New Era

Remember the old hustle? The frantic dash to daycare as the clock ticked towards pick-up time, endless red lights conspiring against your punctuality. The stressful commutes, where every minute late added another layer of guilt. Those days are now just a memory. 

Today, 16% of companies operate fully remote, and we at Escalate PR are proud to be among them. An internal company poll showed that a whopping 76% of our staff are parents, and of that, 61% are mothers. Here, we’ve created an environment that not only celebrates but also supports working mothers. It’s not solely about productivity; it’s about presence. Being there for both the little moments and the big milestones – all without sacrificing professional success. The joyful chaos of life, once crammed into weekends, are now a part of everyday life. 

We’re not just tooting our own horn; Upwork projects that by 2025, about 32.6 million Americans will be working remotely, approximately 22% of the workforce. The future has arrived, bringing with it flexibility and a genuine support for a work-life balance. Pew Research supports this shift, revealing that 71% of remote workers appreciate how this flexibility better balances their work and personal lives. Though remote work is not for everyone, our Escalate moms have something to say about what it has done for their families and personal lives.

Sarah Kitsos, Senior Consultant, Boston 

Being successful in PR requires strong time management skills and becoming a parent has brought those skills to a whole new level. Working remotely for an agency that truly gets it, and being able to create an efficient schedule that not only builds in time for client work but also for being present with my kids, is everything!

Megan Leer, Senior Consultant, San Diego 

Working remotely, with a flexible schedule, has definitely been a game changer. I love that I can take time to be present for my family without feeling tethered to an office chair. But Escalate goes beyond just giving lip-service to prioritizing a work-life balance. Here, my colleagues not only celebrate our professional achievements but also offer unwavering support and empathy in navigating the joys and challenges of parenthood.

Lauren McNamara, Senior Vice President, Virginia Beach

We all navigate diverse roles beyond our careers, and these deserve recognition and support. As a mother and military spouse, life can be unpredictable. Yet, the invaluable lessons from these roles have no doubt made me a stronger, more confident communications professional. By celebrating the lives each of its employees has outside of work, Escalate has created a unique culture of trust and empowerment. This allows us to do the best work possible for our clients, excel professionally, and continue showing up for our families.