At Escalate, we understand that being able to capitalize on having your target audiences in one central location is a time to pounce. That is why we work closely with our clients to identify the events and opportunities that make the most sense to attend, will have the most impact and provide the greatest opportunity for business impact.

Our speaking programs are built on years of experience in working with conference organizers to put the most innovative, engaging people on stage discussing some of the most pressing needs within a market. Whether it be a standalone keynote, breakout session or panel discussion, the team at Escalate looks to capitalize on where your target audience is going to be and puts a compelling case in front of conference organizers.

But it doesn’t stop there… Whether a speaking engagement is secured or not, our team works to maximize your attendance by putting together a comprehensive content and social plan that drives awareness prior to, at and after the conference. We also work to secure time with some of the onsite media and industry influencers to bring them closer to your brand and secure inclusion in any reporting that is done around the conference.

If you’re looking to maximize your industry events, let’s talk about how our team can bring the outside perspective that is going to garner the interest of attendees and increase your overall awareness.