We recognize the most vital story told is by your representatives. At Escalate PR, we take great pride in working closely with your spokespeople, equipping them with the skills and confidence to deliver your message across various media platforms effectively.

Our comprehensive media training program is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Objectives and overview: We provide a clear understanding of the session’s importance and goals, ensuring everyone is aligned.
  2. Role of the spokesperson: We emphasize the significance of connecting and building rapport with the media, utilizing prior knowledge of the audience. We guide your spokespeople in breaking the ice, clarifying the agenda, and setting expectations for interviews and presentations.
  3. Working with the media/influencers: We impart a deep understanding of how the media operate, what constitutes a compelling story, and the rules of engagement to foster successful media relationships.
  4. Interview techniques: We equip your spokespeople with valuable strategies to handle difficult questions, utilizing bridging and flagging address the question and strategically incorporate company messages, effectively owning and directing the interview.
  5. Telling your story: We review and refine the messages that authentically convey who your company is, your invaluable relationship with customers, and why it truly matters.
  6. Handling difficult questions: We provide practical techniques to skillfully manage challenging questions, helping your spokespeople avoid common pitfalls and navigate sensitive topics.
  7. Key talking points: We collaborate to identify the key messages we want to convey, distinguishing what can be shared and what should not be disclosed when engaging with the media on behalf of your brand.
  8. Media examples: We showcase real-world examples of successful media relations, providing valuable insights and inspiration.
  9. Roleplay: We conduct mock interviews, allowing your spokespeople to experience the dynamics of an interview firsthand. We then provide constructive feedback and guidance on areas to emphasize or adjust for enhanced performance.
  10. Q&A: We offer a dedicated opportunity for participants to address specific questions, ensuring full clarity and understanding.

Through our positive and interactive training approach, we empower your spokespeople to excel in any media situation. With refined interview techniques, newfound confidence, and a comprehensive understanding of how to tell your story effectively, your team will be well-prepared to engage with the media and confidently deliver your key messages.