We firmly believe in steering clear of a rigid “one size fits all” approach when measuring campaign success. Instead, we prioritize collaboration with our clients to develop a customized measurement strategy that aligns with their unique goals and objectives.

Our approach begins by defining overarching business goals and establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that accurately map campaign results to these goals. Whether increasing Share of Voice (SOV) or generating new pipeline opportunities, we ensure that our measurement framework directly correlates with the desired outcomes.

To gauge the effectiveness of our campaigns, we meticulously track key message pull-through, resonance, and the authority conveyed by the stories we craft. Moreover, we present our measurement findings using visual aids, ensuring that the data is easily digestible and readily understood by key stakeholders.

We recognize that success is subjective and varies among different stakeholders within organizations. However, our clients unanimously agree that a successful campaign and visibility program evolves and builds upon itself from the outset, surpassing early tactical goals and ultimately becoming a strategic competitive advantage over time.

We focus on measuring brand awareness and reputation through various metrics, including:

  • Share of Voice (SOV): Across agreed-upon topics in both earned and social media, as well as assessing SOV in publications that hold significance for your business.
  • Penetration of key messages: Within earned coverage, evaluate how well our messaging integrates and how the market perceives the brand.
  • Prominence: We look at how prominently our clients stand out within articles and compare them against others in the industry.
  • Technology: Escalate’s trained in Google Analytics, so we’re used to having read-only access to this back-end tool which enables us to identify the most resonant campaigns and understand visitor interactions with the website, including the duration of the engagement. This invaluable information guides and informs our future programs, ensuring continuous improvement and optimization.