Lucidworks Escalate PR

“The Survey Says!” - Lucidworks Hits it Big with Survey Data to Drive Editorial Success Across Vertical Publications

The Objective

Lucidworks AI-powered search and product discovery revolutionizes the user experience for shoppers, employees, call center reps, and knowledge workers with real-time, hyper-relevant results from enterprise and e-commerce content. Lucidworks uses generative AI to improve search experiences by managing large language models from a centralized place and solving complex use cases through search enrichment (X). The objective is to position Lucidworks as a go-to solution in the many industries where their product is useful. 

The Strategy

Lucidworks generative AI application is useful in many areas, and our strategy is to present Lucidworks as an umbrella, enabling technology in several areas (call centers, knowledge workers, search and discovery) and various industries (e-commerce, retail, B2B commerce, manufacturing, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals). 

To get a broad swath of coverage across these sectors, we surveyed more than 6,000 employees involved in AI technology decision-making to understand the trends in generative AI investment, common concerns, and strategic planning initiatives. The responses were impactful, showing that 93 percent of companies plan to increase their investments in AI within the next twelve months. 

Lucidworks survey data
The Results

Lucidworks survey data was successfully placed in a host of industry publications including manufacturing and logistics, retail / e-commerce, healthcare, marketing and martech, national publications, fintech, and workplace culture. The release generated 617K unique visitors per month with featured articles in MediaPost, Supply Chain Dive, MarTech Cube, Marketingprofs,, Design News, Plan Advisor, and more. 

The takeaway? Novel insights are editorial gold. Make sure to poll a large enough sample set to give reporters and editors the comfort of knowing the data isn’t manufactured and is reputable. Derive the right insights that support the company’s key messages, and distill survey results to the “clickable” stats that’ll generate eyeballs for the release and for pitches to publications.

617K unique visitors per month

Featured articles in MediaPost, Supply Chain Dive, MarTech Cube, Marketingprofs,, Design News, Plan Advisor, and more.