Working Dads: Redefining Work-Life Balance at Escalate PR

posted on June 14, 2024
Working Dads: Redefining Work-Life Balance at Escalate PR

Remote work dads, what was life like before you made the switch to working from home? 

In many American households, especially in the Boston area where most of our staff is located, we remember the early mornings. Waking up at the crack of dawn to drop the kids off at daycare or the bus stop, then heading to the city, navigating traffic, and “pahking ya cah”, all to be at your desk by 9 am. Do you recall grabbing overpriced lunch on the bustling streets, entertaining co-workers while knowing the kids would be out of school in a measly two hours? You live 30 minutes from the city, but with grid-locked traffic, you are looking at a minimum of an hour and a half drive in every direction. 

No more!

At Escalate PR, we believe that happy teams create happy clients. By embracing remote work, we’ve created a flexible and supportive environment that acknowledges the importance of family. This flexibility is not just about making life easier; it’s about allowing our team members to thrive in both their personal and professional lives to their liking. 

An internal company poll revealed that 76% of our staff are parents, and of that, 36% are fathers. We’re proud to support the incredible dads who are a part of our team, and give them the opportunity to be present in their families. As we celebrate Father’s Day, we want to honor the dads at Escalate PR who exemplify the perfect balance of dedication and love. Their commitment to their families and their work is truly inspiring. Here’s to all the fathers who are making it all work, one day at a time.

Jason Ouellette, Partner 

“I am scared to think about the relationship that I would have with my boys today if I was still getting home around 7 or 7:30 pm every night. Being fully remote has given me the opportunity to be there for the little (and big) things. Seeing them off in the morning, being home when they get off the bus, the conversations on the rides to practice, playing in the backyard or stopping by their school to volunteer has brought us so much closer these past four plus years. Listen, our work, client deliverables and crisis situations are all still stressful and present, but having the flexibility to step away and hang out with the boys makes our relationship stronger and gives me a chance to decompress from the day-in, day-out work responsibilities.”

Greg Vitarelli, Senior Vice President

“To me, being a PR Dad is all about little moments – holding hands with your little one on their walk to the bus or being there for a few minutes after school to help navigate a difficult day. While it’s true that being a PR professional has made me the designated copy editor for all homework assignments, Escalate PR ensures I can be there as and when my daughters need me – you can’t put a price on that.”

Jerry Griffin, Senior Consultant

“I have one daughter, which means I get one shot at doing this right. Having flexible hours has allowed me to be present in my daughter’s life these last four years in ways I could have never imagined when I was still commuting. I’ve made almost every girl scout retreat, every school play and every karate tournament. I’ve even coached her cheer squad for the last two and a half years, making me something of a local curiosity in town. Wouldn’t trade those opportunities for a desk anywhere in the world.”

Happy Father’s Day to the amazing dads of Escalate PR and beyond! Thank you for all that you do.