Upstream Works Featured in CMS Wire

posted on August 02, 2023
Upstream Works Featured in CMS Wire

Dive into the transformative realm of Virtual Agents (VAs) in the customer service industry with Escalate PR client, Upstream Works. Unveiling an insider’s guide, this CMS Wire article explores the historical evolution from the ’90s to the present, emphasizing the critical role of VAs in handling complex queries. While AI tools like virtual agents offer invaluable assistance, the human touch of live agents remains indispensable, paving the way for an exciting future where a delicate balance between automation and human interaction redefines superior customer service.

Blue quotation mark In the 1990s, contact centers started to “meet customers where they were,” defined by agents learning how to better handle phone calls, said Rob McDougall, Upstream Works CEO. By the 2000s, chat and email channels were added. Each new technology brought significant, new integration complexities causing information about customer queries to be siloed and often incorrect. With different channels working at cross-purposes, customer satisfaction dropped.

You can access the full article on the CMS Wire website via this link. 


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