Green Business | Earth Day 2023

posted on April 21, 2023
Green Business | Earth Day 2023

We’ve witnessed a tumultuous first quarter with an unusually warm winter on the east coast, wildfires spreading across the nation and drought expanding from the mid-Atlantic to the northeast. In this bleak environment, it is reassuring that some companies remain laser-focused on their mission, not just to solve problems to improve our daily lives but have built their core offerings around sustainability and replenishing our environment.  

On Earth Day, we would like to raise a toast to our outstanding, sustainably minded clients. Escalate is humbled and honored to partner with several green technology companies. We remain committed to creatively sharing their stories and highlighting their finest work. Our clients have covered everything from drone deliveries to sustainable advertising in our uncluttered skies to using green technology to store renewable energy to drought mapping using thermal energy. Read on to learn more.

It’s 2023, but traditional aerial advertising still utilizes gas-guzzling airplanes and antiquated tech. Sustainable Skylines is taking on the hazardous and inefficient aerial advertising industry, using – you guessed it – drones with a higher purpose. These environmentally-sound drones deploy nationally to deliver a superior advertising vehicle while improving the environment and communities in which they operate.

Drones handle so much more than deliveries – they are used creatively to save our environment. Water meter readings, reducing energy loss in cities by surveying neighborhoods, and tree surveys conducted by drone are just some practical applications executed by DroneUp. Its mission is to operate in a world where drone flight benefits businesses, people, and the planet.

We need solutions to help planet Earth manage its most valuable resource: water. Hydrosat provides geospatial intelligence for food security, public safety, and the environment, including Drought Mapping, Water Resource Management, and Irrigation Optimization. Its technology can measure the amount of water in a plot of land to monitor climate change and drought conditions. Using state-of-the-art thermal imagery to create analytics solutions, Hydrosat helps farmers reduce their water, energy, and labor while significantly boosting crop production.

Companies and governments around the world are joining the race toward Net-Zero. Transitioning to a low-carbon economy is no easy feat as we start to phase out fossil fuels and grapple with creating, storing, and transporting renewable energy. FuelCell Energy’s platforms help organizations transform their energy strategy by decarbonizing power and producing hydrogen worldwide. Their platforms can help businesses and communities with power generation, carbon capture, hydrogen production, and energy storage.