AbsenceSoft’s Seth Turner Byline in Healthcare Business Today

posted on April 29, 2024
AbsenceSoft’s Seth Turner Byline in Healthcare Business Today

Seth Turner, AbsenceSoft Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer had a byline recently published in Healthcare Business Today, discussing three key strategies for mastering leave management in complex healthcare environments. Turner discusses the necessity of automating processes, creating self-service portals, and improving communication to enhance employee well-being and retention in demanding healthcare settings.

Historically, managing leave in healthcare has been a stressful, time-consuming, and complicated process. However, it doesn’t have to remain this way. By establishing clear protocols, automating processes, and fostering open communication channels, organizations can create a personalized approach that allows employees to return to work feeling supported and engaged.

Read the full Healthcare Business Today, “Three Key Strategies For Mastering Leave Management In Complex Healthcare Environments” article to learn how to effectively navigate staff absences, maintain operational efficiency, and ensure compliance with regulations to support both staff and patient care.

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