A Successful Public Relations Program is a Marathon, Not A Sprint

posted on June 07, 2024
A Successful Public Relations Program is a Marathon, Not A Sprint

Over my more than 20-years of working within the public relations field, I have seen a number of programs take off from day one. They hit something at the right time, in the right place and see an immediate bump in interest from the media, prospects and partners. But a good number of these programs fizzle out because they either can’t keep up with that initial burst – or expectations get out of whack with notions of invincibility that everything a company says or does will garner headlines.

The most successful (and fulfilling on the agency partner side) programs are the ones that have a long-term vision and work with you to put the right pieces in place to see it through. You see, when you’re working with innovative technology companies, there is a lot of excitement, passion and expectation to succeed but the ones who take the time to map out what it’s going to take and listen to outside counsel are the ones that can benefit the most from a public relations program. 

Here at Escalate PR we love working with the challengers, the companies changing the way existing business is done today for the betterment of all stakeholders. One example of this is our work with DroneUp. Over the past three-years we’ve been in lockstep with the nation’s most active commercial drone delivery provider, helping them bring their vision for drone delivery to life. Despite the myriad of challenges, from regulatory hurdles to technical complexities, we’ve celebrated numerous milestones along the way, each one a testament to our shared vision and unwavering commitment.

Our journey together has marked many milestones; we’ve enjoyed many successes but know that the work is not done. With a number of recent advancements in UAS technology, the interest and adoption are evident, but the next part of our journey is in front of us – making drone delivery more economically feasible. By taking a thoughtful, methodical approach, our teams have worked closely together to make sure DroneUp’s vision stays true while also adapting to the changing consumer and economic needs of its audience. 

With its latest announcement of the DroneUp Ecosystem, the company is now bringing the power of drone delivery to more organizations and consumers around the country. And that vision and understanding of what needs to change is core to the widespread adoption of drone delivery.

This morning, DroneUp CEO Tom Walker was quoted in the Wall Street Journal talking about the cost challenges the drone delivery industry has faced, but what stands out is the potential solution to the problem that Tom brings forward. This goes back almost 18-months when the Ecosystem planning hit high gear, and now, with the leading business and technology outlet diving in on the economic hurdles, DroneUp is positioned as the industry leader – not just by its words but by its actions. 

Remember, embarking on a public relations program is a long-term effort. It needs to be embraced by all stakeholders and worked on together, step by step. If you do the little things wrong, you’ll never get a chance at the big opportunity. Focus on the process and celebrate the wins along the way.