A love letter to Escalate

posted on February 14, 2023
A love letter to Escalate

This is a love letter to our agency. It was built out of a desire to break up the traditional agency mold and match (see what we did there?) sought-after seasoned tech PR professionals with cutting-edge clients across the board.  

This is an ode to the kick-ass virtual agency we’ve built, the industry we’ve all chosen to work in and the outstanding clients with whom we choose to work with day after day. 

From getting to work with drones, cybersecurity, corporate learning, HR tech, AI and more – Escalate has built something special and to show our love, we wanted to share what we love about working here. 

  • “Jason and Joel have created an environment in which the team truly feels like a supportive community and everyone benefits from that, most especially our clients. The team and the clients with whom we serve are truly outstanding and it makes work both fun and motivating.”
  • “One of the things I love most about Escalate is that I have the opportunity to work with some former colleagues again. Having been in the PR industry for 25+ years I have worked with so many talented people. But in PR people move on, they go in house, they go to other Agencies, they leave to start families or pursue other interests.  We have been fortunate here at Escalate to bring back some familiar faces and couple them with some new ones to put together an amazing team of seasoned professionals.”
  • “One of the things I love about Escalate is the true work/life balance.  I am responsible for my work and I’m given the flexibility to work when I want and from where. I can take a mid-day yoga class, or take my dog on a walk without having the pressures that a traditional office provides. Joel and Jason have embraced a family first attitude and it resonates amongst the team.”
  • “Like a lot of people, I play a lot of roles in my household – the most important being Dad. But I’m still professionally ambitious and am driven to succeed as a communications professional. Escalate is structured to respect the reality of how people’s lives actually are – not how we wish them to be.”
  • “I love working with a team of seasoned professionals who support one another and work in partnership with our clients to produce meaningful results. By rejecting the hierarchy of the traditional agency model, Escalate offers a truly collaborative environment, and the flexible schedule provides the work-life balance that’s missing at bigger agencies.”
  • “I think a happy team performs better and that translates into happier clients! I love working with such dynamic and interesting clients who are trailblazers, thought leaders and all-around great people. It’s a pleasure to work with people who challenge you to learn new things every day and who are also open to new ideas to advance their communications efforts in support of broader business goals.”

These are just a few of the reasons we love Escalate. Come check us out at www.escalatepr.com. Talk to us to find out how we’re different!